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Ifism - The Complete Work of Orunmila

Modelo: C. Osamaro Ibie

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This work was embarked upon at the instance of orunmila, who expressed undisguised anxiety for his followers to know more about him. The works revealed in these books are not just fairy tales contrived to tell interesting stories. They reveal the true account of life both in heaven and on earth. In the first instance, it will only have a meaning to initiates into ifism, followers of orunmila, as well asto students who are looking for materials to enrich knowledge of the unfettered ways of life. The work is not designed to negate the relevance of ifa priest. It is only meant to provide a clearer understanding of the significance of whatever the ifa priest reveals at divination or does, for suffering humanity. This set of books wil neigther produce an ifa priest, not tell all there is to know about ifism. It will still benecessary to seek the assistance of the ifa priest.
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Edições Oséètùrá é uma editora voltada às religiõoes tradicionais do centro-oeste do continente africano e da diáspora no Brasil.

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